Diabetes: Naturally Boost Your Insulin Sensitivity with These 5 Methods

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Insulin sensitivity refers to our cell’s responsiveness to insulin activity.

Insulin is an important hormone that is produced in the pancreas and it assists in transferring blood sugar into our cells for storage purposes.

However, when cells become insulin resistant, insulin can no longer be used efficiently and this in turn results into high blood sugar. As soon as the pancreas become aware of the high sugar level in the blood, it increases its insulin production with the aim of checking the resistance and reducing blood sugar. But the increased activity can cause a shortage of insulin-producing cells as seen in type 2 diabetes.

Improving insulin sensitivity can effectively assist in decreasing insulin resistance and our risk of having chronic diseases, particularly diabetes. There are various natural and competent ways we can use in achieving this feat,

Here are 5 natural methods we can use to boost our insulin sensitivity.

  • Get sufficient sleep

Several studies have linked poor sleep to a reduction in insulin sensitivity as well as various other negative health effects.Make out time to recover lost sleep to actively reverse its effects on insulin resistance.

  • Shed some weight

Excess body weight can increase insulin resistance and cause type 2 diabetes. When an individual has high amounts of belly fat, it results into an active production of insulin resistance-promoting hormones. It is therefore recommended that overweight or obese persons and those with excess belly fat work to lose some weight. This would help to restore insulin sensitivity and lower a risk of having diabetes. Weight loss can be achieved through proper diet and exercise.

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  • Cut down stress

Stress affects the body’s ability to properly regulate blood sugar and it also brings about the production of hormones that makes the body insulin resistant. Always take time to rest and meditate. Yoga is a good way to calm the nerves and relieve tension.

  • Consume more soluble fiber

Studies have shown a link between regular intake of soluble fiber and increased insulin sensitivity. Soluble fiber feeds harmless bacteria in the gut and this reduces insulin resistance. Soluble fiber-rich foods include oats, vegetables, legumes and fruits.

  • Exercise more often

Regular exercise involving aerobics and resistance training has been discovered to boost insulin sensitivity. For better results, combine the two in your workout sessions.




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