Drama As Runner Up Snatched Crown Off Beauty Queen’s Head


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A rather unbelievable sight was witnessed at the crowning of ‘The National Bambuco Queen’ as the runner up of the beauty queen contest ran up the stage to snatch the crown off the 20-year-old beauty queen’s head.

According to Dailymail, the annual beauty and folk dance contest was held in the city of Neiva, South-western Columbia department of Huila.

The disgruntled runner-up, Yeimy Lizeth Silvestre Gamez a representative from Bogota, the capital removed the tiara off the winner, Valentina’s head during the photo session.

She thereafter proceeded to place the crown on her head and glanced happily towards the audience.

This marks the first time such happening has been experienced during the event since its start in 1961.

Watch the video below:


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