Four foreigners sentenced for gang rape in Finland


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The Helsinki District Court has sentenced four foreigners to various terms of imprisonment for serious sex crime, a report said on Friday. It said that three of the men were sentenced to four years imprisonment each, and the fourth to two years.

Meanwhile, the court found them guilty of aggravated rape with brutal violence against the victim. According to the report, the prison sentences are unconditional.

The crime took place in the vicinity of the central railway station in downtown Helsinki during the night of Nov. 1, 2015.

The media report said that the victim was a young woman. According to information, three of the men are Iraqi nationals and one is from Syria.

Finnish media reported earlier that three of them came to Finland in October as asylum seekers. In addition to the prison sentences, the court also ordered the offenders to pay a total of 20,000 Euros (23,000 dollars) in compensation to the victim.

However, all the defendants denied the charges, but the district court considered that the crime of gang rape could be convicted on the basis of sufficient evidence it had collected. (Xinhua/NAN)

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