Galaxy S4 Is The Fastest Smartphone, Twice As Fast As iPhone 5 – Study


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The phones were put through a series of benchmark tests to measure processor and memory performance, which show how quickly the phone will allow photo editing, running graphic-intensive games, and using several apps at once.

Samsung Galaxy S4, the fastest phone of those tested, has a 1.9GHz quad-core processor which helped generate its impressive score. The phone received a mark of 3188 on the industry recognized test, compared to Apple iPhone 5’s 1664 score.

Which? consumer watchdog said: “We put all the handsets through the same tests. Undoubtedly, Apple will upgrade its next iPhone when it launches this autumn.

“For the moment, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is the phone to beat when it comes to speed.”

The second fastest phone was ranked as HTC One, which has a quad-core 1.7-inch processor and 2GB Ram.

Which? said the phone “will provide plenty of punch for phone owners who use Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and Angry Birds all at the same time.”

Sony‘s Xperia Z came in a close third, followed by Google’s Nexus 4 which had just 39 fewer points. But the fourth place phone is more than £200 cheaper than any of those in the top three.

The final phones to complete the set were Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and the BlackBerry Z10, which came in fifth and sixth respectively.


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