Graeme Souness: Arsene Wenger Would Not Have Lasted This Long At Another Club


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Football pundit Graeme Souness has criticized Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger for failing to compete in the Premier League and Europe.

Arsenal were beaten 3-1 by Monaco in midweek, with a lot of the blame being put on Wenger and his tactics.

Ex-Liverpool player Souness hit out at the Frenchman, with the Scotsman insisting that Wenger would not have lasted this long at another club.

“At the start of each season, we talk about favourites for the title. We don’t talk about Arsenal in that breath,” the 61-year-old said, according to

“Then we get to what Arsenal will do this year, but already know the answer. Arsenal will do what they have done for the last decade: they will look fabulous when bashing up small teams at home then get rolled over by the big teams. Their recent win at Manchester City is the exception that proves the rule.

“Wenger wouldn’t get away with it at another club. It’s not good enough. He’s too nice to players, won’t control their indiscipline and won’t spend on players. It amazes me that you never hear any of his former players criticising him.”

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