He left me feeling like ‘just a skirt’ – 2 ex-aides accuse Cuomo of sexual harassment

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New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo

The list of women accusing New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment is getting longer as two other women have stepped forward.

Ana Liss, a policy and operations aide who worked for the governor from 2013 to 2015, said he left her feeling like “just a skirt”.

She told the Wall Street Journal that Cuomo called her sweetheart and requested to know if she had a boyfriend.

According to her, the New York Governor touched her kissed her hand, touched her lower back and asked if she was dating anyone during an event.

She said she considered Cuomo’s action inappropriate in any setting.

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Another accuser and former press aide Karen Hinton alleged that Cuomo gave her a “very long” and “intimate” embrace inside a dimly-lit hotel in Los Angeles in 2000.

At the time, Cuomo was head of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

She told Washington Post that even when she tried to pull away, he drew her even closer for another round.

“I thought at that moment it could lead to a kiss, it could lead to other things, so I just pull away again, and I leave,” she stated.

However, Cuomo’s camp denied the allegation, claiming it was fictitious.

The New York Governor’s ordeal began when another former deputy secretary for economic development, Lindsey Boylan, published a lengthy essay detailing allegations of sexual harassment against him.

Two other women have also come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against him, bringing the total number of accusers to five.

The revelation, and alleged poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, caused popular tabloid New York Post to demand the governor’s resignation.

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