“Be careful with women” – Kollington Ayinla shares success tip with young artistes

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Kollington Ayinla

Fuji maestro, Kollington Ayinla says not having a university degree is his only regret in life.

He stated this while berating young entertainers that abandon their education to push their music careers, saying that could end up regretting their decision.

“Many youths who have the opportunity to acquire university education but are taking it for granted, completely opting for music or sports, thinking fame and fortune is all there is to life only don’t know anything.

“I really have no regret being a musician but I regret that I don’t have a university education. But thank God all my children are educated and some have even ventured into music; only that they are into hip hop.

“I may be privileged in another lifetime to go to university but not here on earth,” Kollington Ayinla said.

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On the secret to success in music, the veteran musician said, “Many young artistes should understand that being focused and dedicated is the only key to success.

“They should also be careful with women.”


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