Home Remedies To Successfully Get Rid of Bad Breath


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Bad breath has sure wrecked a lot havoc in several promising conversations, potential relationships and building partnerships.

One interesting fact is that the individual with bad breath might not realize it. However, this unpleasantness can be very embarrassing for those who constantly experience it.

A lot of factors contribute to the case of bad breath but the most common cause is poor dental hygiene. Bacteria abounds on leftover bits and pieces of food stuck between the teeth after a meal – this in turn produces a rotten smell upon accumulation.

Not brushing regularly will not only worsen and increase the strength of the putrid bacteria, it will also lead to a case of tooth decay.

Burdened with foul breath or know anyone experiencing the same? Why not try these safe and effective remedies within the comfort of your home.

  • Work on a better dental hygiene

Bacterial growth and build up of dental plaque on the teeth causes very bad odor in the mouth. This then makes it a necessity, that we brush at least two times daily. Brush gently and thoroughly using a fluoride toothpaste. Don’t forget to scrub your tongue as some bacteria could also take refuge on it. Floss at least once daily to prevent bacterial growth.

  • Drink water regularly

Water has cleansing properties. Drink sufficient amounts of water after every meal. Also, dry mouth is known to cause bad breath. Hydrate yourself properly to improve saliva production.

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  • Take some yogurt

Yogurt benefits gut health. It contains healthy bacteria that assists in fighting off some harmful bacteria present in the gut. These healthy bacteria (probiotics) reduce the intensity of a foul smelling breath.

  • Mouthwash with baking soda / apple cider vinegar

Sodium bicarbonate as well as apple cider vinegar, are said to effectively eliminate bacteria in the mouth. Studies have shown that toothpastes with concentrated amounts of baking soda reduce the severity of bad breath in individuals. Mix 2 tsps. of baking soda/apple cider vinegar with a cup of warm or ordinary water, then gargle and spit out after some time.

  • The use of pineapple juice

Anecdotal reports have attested to the significant effects of pineapple juice. Drink pineapple juice or chew some pineapples for a while to get desired results. Be sure to rinse your mouth after with water because of the sugars present in the fruit.

  • Drink Milk

Milk is one common cure for a garlic breath. Take a full glass of milk after eating something that makes your breath offensive.

  • Eat apples

Studies have shown that apples have naturally neutralizing effects on an onion or garlic breath. They go down into the bloodstream and render inactive, every foul smell-causing compounds. Get busy with a diet of apples from today.

A persistence of bad breath might however be an indication that it is more of a medical issue than a case of poor dental hygiene – could be caused by kidney failure or certain infections. In such cases, it is best to visit the hospital and consult a doctor/dentist.

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