Huawei leapfrogs Apple as second-largest smartphone manufacturer


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Huawei have now displaced Apple as the second largest smartphone manufacturer according to an analyst firm.

Samsung remain at the top of the table shipping close to 300 million devices last year while Huawei recorded shipment of around 240 million devices with Apple shipping only 200 million devices globally.

Xiaomi is next in line with 125 million shipments and closely watched by Oppo with 120 million shipment in 2019.

Despite the US-China trade war, and the ban on Huawei in the US under the Trump administration, Huawei improve its numbers by over 17% in 2019.

Compared to the previous year, they became the biggest gainer last year. Analyst’s data shows that the strong performance came as a result of a strong domestic patronage.

After the US ban, Huawei received strong local support where it made over 60% of 2019 sales.

Analyst at the start of 2019 had predicted that Huawei may outsell Samsung which could have been the case had it not been for the U.S. imposed trade restrictions on the company.

On the other hand, Apple in Q4 2019 then launched a comeback with the release of the iPhone 11 series selling over 30% of the total sales in that period.

Apple sold over 70 million handsets outselling both Samsung and Huawei who only sold 68.8 million and 56 million respectively.

Samsung is expected to bounce back with the impending launch of its flagship S20 series in February 2020 while Huawei will be expected to counter that with the launch of its  P40 series.

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