“I told Simi no features except I am laying with her” — Brymo

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Renowned Nigerian singer, Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ, known in the music scene as Brymo, has shed more light on his controversial decision to turn down a collaboration request from fellow artist Simi. The issue had stirred a major controversy when Brymo revealed that he rejected Simi’s request because she declined his proposition for intimacy to enhance the song.


In a recent interview on TVC, the ‘Olanrewaju’ crooner clarified that he had suggested a deeper connection to Simi for artistic purposes, aiming to intensify the song. However, when Simi declined, he rejected the collaboration offer. He further defended his stance, asserting that the suggestion was purely for artistic depth.

Brymo shared his experience, mentioning a prior collaboration request from Adekunle Gold, Simi’s husband. He highlighted that Adekunle Gold had approached him for a collaboration, but he declined due to a general policy against collaborations at the time. Subsequently, when Simi approached him for a collaboration, he expressed his willingness only if there was a deeper connection for creative purposes.

He explained, “When I saw her Simi, I said no features except I am laying with the woman I am working with so it can really be intense… But she said no, and I was like okay, bye-bye, and then she left.


Brymo emphasized that this incident did not define his approach to collaborations, mentioning that he has collaborated with several female artists without any such proposition. He emphasized that his intent was always an artistic pursuit.

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