“If these allegations are true, it is important Pastor Biodun owns up to them” – COZA member

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Busola Dakolo

A member of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), Femi Olaoye, has weighed in on the rape allegation made by ace photographer, Busola Dakolo against the Senior Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo.

The church member in a series of tweets called on Nigerians not to attack the church over the alleged misdeeds of Fatoyinbo.

Also, he called on the senior pastor to own up to the allegations if they are true and face the consequences.

Meanwhile, Fatoyinbo denied the allegations in a statement on Friday.

Olaoye wrote: “I am a member of COZA, I joined almost 8 years ago now. I am not a worker or a member of any inner circle. But I wholeheartedly subscribed to the mission of the church and many of the programmes and messages.

“My attendance of the church was primarily because of my relationship with God, and secondarily because of the level of excellence that spoke out in the ambience that is constantly presented.

“I saw church done differently and in a manner that I subconsciously desired. One thing I know is always repeated is the importance of your personal relationship with God. You are tutored and admonished to build that personal relationship with God. Like me, there are many other people, who out of the innocence of their hearts and desire for fulfillment in the pursuit of their faith joined the church.

“Personally, I am far from perfect, I can in no way be the Judge over anyone, but I know what is required for stewardship of a church and a congregation.

“I know what is required of the steward and what the church should be. The church is not the pastor, the pastor is not the church while at this moment, it is easy to attack the church, members and hierarchy, leave the church and rain curses from the outside and deny ever attending or having anything to do with the church, I choose otherwise.

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“I believe the church, the victims, vulnerable members as well as dutiful workers need to be protected, rallied and encouraged to remain steadfast, but to also demand accountability.

“If these allegations are true, it is important Pastor Biodun owns up to them, owns up to them, face the consequences including Law enforcement and submit to the process.

“The church will be fine without him. I was one of the people who spoke up, asking Timi Dakolo to provide evidence and put substance to his posts and he and his wife have done so now, it is my turn to pursue justice, demand accountability and protect the sanctity of the church.

“There is a major programme coming up in a couple of days and the timing couldn’t be better. It is right of everyone to protest and demand justice, but I know people will jump on this, whether for personal, selfish, evil or altruistic reasons and they are all welcome, as long as we are demanding Justice and accountability.

“All I ask is that innocent members be spared the wrath and the benefit of the doubt, as we signed up to God’s church and not the Man of God.

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“Yes, we respect him as the steward and shepherd, we applaud his good works so far and celebrate them, but out of that respect and honour, we ask him to step aside, address this situation and face the consequences and not let the church suffer instead it is important to note that he won’t be the first to face the law and certainly won’t be the last.

“In fact, he should continue to preach the truth as he has, and work to ensure that truth is protected, by speaking and stepping down for the process to take its course.

“My sympathies to all alleged victims, my prayers are with and for them, my deepest love to Pastor’s kids as they endure this difficult time and my admonition to members! Let us unite, speak truth and demand accountability. May the grace of God be with us all, may God help us.


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