Kylie Jenner Hit With Lawsuit for Allegedly Using Someone Else’s Lips


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Kylie Jenner finds herself in the middle of yet another controversy as she has been accused of copyright violation.

A British-based artist Sara Pope has sued reality star for copying her “Temptation Neon” work–a image of strawberry-lacquered, neon-lined lips which she is being accused of using in promotional materials for her new Life of Kylie reality show on E!

Pope describes Temptation Neon as one of her most popular works and “one of the top Google searches for ‘neon lips’ at least since 2016.”

This isn’t the first time Kylie has come under fire for using someone else’s work as recently she and her sister Kendall were in some hot water after they superimposed images of themselves unto shirts with Hip-hop and Rock legends.

According to the Daily Beast, One issue in Pope’s case against Jenner is that the artist was approved for copyright protection of her work in May 2017, according to the lawsuit, which does not state when she filed for protection.

Below are the two Images upon which the lawsuit rests.

Kylie Jenner’s
Temptation Neon by Sara Pope

The lawsuit which was filed on Tuesday in California, claims copyright infringement and unfair use of Pope’s “Temptation Neon,”.  The suit notes that Pope’s work “conveys glamour, intimacy, and sexual power,” themes which Jenner is building her brand on “at Ms. Pope’s expense.”

Neither Kylie nor Sara have come out with official statements on the matter,

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