Lady Thrown Out Of Immigration Office Over Her Attire, OAP Freeze Reacts


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On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze, took to his Instagram account to address the issue of a lady who lamented she was thrown out of the Nigerian Immigration office because of her outfit.

The lady took to social media to express her embarrassment and disappointment at such act perpetrated by government officials.

In response to the case, OAP Freeze shared the photo below and captioned it:


“To the right, is the lady who was allegedly denied entrance into the Nigerian Immigration service, Abuja. While to the left, above is a young Nigerian woman from Opobo in the early nineteenth century, dressed in her traditional attire, while to the left below, are ladies from Mende in Sierra Leone, showcasing their intricate hairstyles and attire! If either the Mende women or the Lady from Opobo showed up at an office today, I’m sure they would be denied entry, yet their atti…re is beautifully unique in the traditional African sense.

So why are we so backward in this country? Little wonder we are so mentally and financially impoverished! Is this lady’s attire our priority now? Airlines are folding up, banks are laying off and slashing salaries, food prices are at an all time high, and I bought dollars last week at N425 to a dollar, yet people are still carrying other people’s attire on their head!

My dear lady, you rock!! don’t let anyone put you down, stand up for what you believe in, and no one, I mean no one, would be able to define or enslave you, after all, the white people that brought us clothes, from their western world to ‘clothe’ us, are now more or less Unclad themselves! ~FRZ

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