EXPOSED: Unilag Lecturer, Foursquare Pastor in Sex For Grades Investigation


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“Sex For Grades” documentary set to air tomorrow includes incriminating videos of Nigerian Lecturers shamelessly demanding sex from female students  in exchange for good grades. The documentary has got so many Educators jittery who fear for what will become of their reputation and careers should the documentary air.

According to British Broadcast Corporation, BBC, “Sex for Grades” is a documentary meant to expose the evil, randy deeds of Educators in the Nigerian educational system, focusing on Nigeria Tertiary Institutions.

It is common knowledge Nigerian University Lecturers demand sex from their female students in exchange for upgrades of marks but there has been little or no evidence to back up their claims.

lecturer-pastor-sex for grades
EXPOSED : Dr. Boniface Igbenegwu of the French Department of University of Lagos involved in Sex-For-Grades Investigation 

Hence, BBC sent in undercover Journalists who posed as students to University of Lagos and University of Ghana. These female Journalists were involved in all manner of sexual harassment and were pressurised by Senior Lecturers, the whole time wearing spy cameras.

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lecturer-pastor-sex-for-gradesEXPOSED: Foursquare Pastor involved in Sex-For-Grades investigation

Kiki Mordi a female Reporter, l who has a first-hand knowledge of the devastation and emotional trauma, sexual harassment could cause, has revealed what goes on behind closed doors at Nigeria’s prestigious universities.

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