20 life lessons a father must teach his daughter

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A twitter account (@LegacyBuilder) dedicated to sharing advice to help people “build a legacy for future generations” shared a thread with life lessons for a father to teach their daughter. This thread was so insightful, it was worth sharing. Below are the 20 life lessons a father must teach his daughter:

1. The world will try to steal your joy The world doesn’t like when a person is walking around with joy and happiness. Be ready for trial, drama, and full attacks in your way of life. Meet them with grace and an attitude that you will persevere. You create your own joy.

2. Your strength comes from above There is only so far you can go on your own. God has a plan for your life. There will be times where you search for meaning of life. Remember this: Your purpose is to show others the love of the Lord and honor him in all you do.

3. People can change People will show you their best and worst sides as you grow up. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the world is all good or all bad. Have the wisdom to know that no matter what people are going through there is always the power for them to change.

4. Your mother loves you You will argue. You will laugh. You will cry. Remember that no matter how mad she makes you, she loves you. Your mom sees endless possibilities when looking at you and wants you to succeed.

5. If it feels wrong, it is Nothing should be forced in this life. If you every find yourself in a situation that feels off, remove yourself. Trust your gut always and stand up for what you believe in.

6. Don’t worry about the future Take it from your dad. Worrying about tomorrow only steals joy from the day. All the deadlines, boys, and arguments will work themselves out. Focus on being in the moment and the future will take care of itself.

7. Your last name matters Our last name is special because it comes with a lot of history. Not all of it is glamorous, but you are living proof that generational curses can be broken. Take pride in where you come from and keep working to make our last name grow in legacy.

8. The world is bigger than your hometown You will think that your hometown is the entire world until the day you leave those city limits. Travel, experience, and learn about different cultures around the world. Open your eyes to all that life has to offer. It’s a big world.

9. You don’t have to go to college Maybe you will, maybe you won’t. A college degree doesn’t promise you anything (except maybe debt). The real way to win is by being a lifelong learner and pursuing your dreams with drive and determination. Never stop learning.

10. Start investing at 20 Learn what compound interest is and put 25% of your earnings into a mutual fund monthly and never touch it. You can live off the other 75% despite what anyone else tells you. As you start to earn more keep the percentages the same.

11. Sports can teach you a lifetime of values Sports taught me and your mother what it feels like to give it out all and still lose. It taught us that everything great in life has an ending and it taught us to be competitive in our life but with grace. Play a sport.

12. Grit is learned through experience Grit is defined as strength of character in moments of uncertainty. You can read books or watch as many movies as you want but you can’t learn grit until you go through tough times yourself. Don’t shy away from difficult, you will grow.

13. You aren’t defined by your losses I’ve seen so many people that have never overcome losses in their life. They are constantly defeated and eventually stop trying. Losses are learning opportunities that will develop true character. It’s okay to lose, but not to be a loser.

14. Winning isn’t the goal, growing is Winning is amazing. There is no better feeling than winning after putting in the hard work it takes to win. Remember that if you become addicted to winning you will never be satisfied. Winning is part of growing not the only goal.

15. If you feel like you aren’t enough, remember you are You don’t see it but sometimes I don’t feel like I’m being the best dad. Then I’m reminded that everyday I get to love you and our family. Never think you are not enough. A day where you move an inch is still progress.

16. Choose your husband wisely This is the man that will be with you on your greatest and worst days. Choose a man that will see you for who you are, love your children, and loves the Lord with all his heart. Your marriage will rise and fall with your dependence on God.

17. Don’t tell everyone what you’re doing People will use information against you to push their own agenda. Working in silence is a superpower. Let them see what you have been doing when you are standing on the mountaintop.

18. Take care of your body You will be unstoppable if you develop healthy habits early and keep them for the rest of your life. Love the gym and maintaining a body that is happy and healthy. You don’t have to be the fittest person in the world, but don’t ever stop.

19. Your children will learn a lot from you, act accordingly They learn how to love from you and pick up the worst parts of you as well. Don’t be fake and try to act like a perfect person. Instead be real with your kids and show them what life is like when you laugh and love.

20. Dad will always love you No matter what you do or where you go. No matter how you act or what you say. I promise to be the person that gives you the tough love you need and provides a place where you always feel safe. Always and Forever. That’s a promise.

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