BOTW: Instagram Model and Vlogger, Effie

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It doesn’t get sexier and beautiful than meeting a young Nigerian beauty who is dedicated to making an impact even in the smallest way possible, after all, dreaming big is as free as fresh air.

Eferi Egun, 19, is a Nigerian beauty based in Los Angeles, studying Kinesiology at the University of California.

The Beauty with brain is also an Instagram model and vlogger boasting of thousands of followers on her social media pages.

On what she does for fun, the beauty, ‘Effie’ as she’s fondly referred to said: “I play soccer and dance for fun,” she continued, “but my main passion is making videos that out a smile on people’s faces.”

Speaking on how she got into the vlogging niche, Effie said, “I started making videos not too long ago with my friends and it was just something we did for fun because we were bored.”

Effie who revealed that she fell in love with making videos to post online also involved her parents with her dad featuring in some of her beauty tips videos on YouTube and Instagram.

On her parents’ reaction to her hobby, Effie revealed that her “mom and dad are her biggest supporters.”

She added: “They even wanted to do different videos with me.”

On the content of her videos, the 19-year-old Nigerian beauty said: “I Make all sorts of videos starting from tutorials, challenges and games.”

She further added: “I also talk on issues I see around social media that I think should be addressed.

“In my videos, I want to show girls that we are all honestly beautiful just the way we are. We were made to be who we are and we are just as beautiful (when we are) natural as we are when we get Poppin’.”

On her drive and inspiration, Effie said: “I try to stay positive, no negativity around me, I also believe that anyone can do whatever they put their minds to.”

She added: “We should always speak our words into existence because you never know what could happen.”

Effie also spoke on her plans as she disclosed that she plans to continue making videos and then eventually branch off and do something even greater.”

See more photos of Efeti “the Agbo Princess” below:


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