Nigerians berate Tinubu over “Nigeria will be safe under Buhari” comment


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National Leader of All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s claim that Nigerians would soon feel safe under President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has pitched him against some Nigerians.

Tinubu, who is a former two-term Governor of Lagos State, said this at the Special Ramadan Prayer, “Tafsir” Lecture, held at the Lagos House, Marina, on Sunday.

Insecurity has remained one of the banes of the Buhari administration since he came to power in 2015, with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) claiming that 741 persons have been killed by bandits or terrorists since January 2021.

“We know when it started but we don’t want to give excuses. This government will perform, Nigerians will feel safe and be happy.

“There is the twist and tone in democracy. We just have to build, tolerate each other and express love and harmony,” Tinubu said.

He stressed that purveyors of disintegration rhetoric risk plunging the nation into a needless war, warning that Nigeria could become like Sudan and Iraq if war was allowed to break out in the country.

“God will not allow Nigeria to experience war. If we say Nigeria should separate, people should remember what war caused in Sudan and Iraq. Such war does not end on time. We are yet to recover from the civil war.

“We are better together. I have nowhere I am going. Whoever has experienced war in the past will not pray for such. Nigeria will not separate, it’s not acceptable to us. Our prayer is for prosperity and more wealth for the country,” Tinubu said.

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However, many Nigerians who took to Twitter berated the APC National Leader, stating that he was blinded by his reported presidential ambition.

Abbas Abdulmajeed wrote, “E be like say old age dey affect some people for these country….That how he said no Nigerian is poor few months ago… I wonder if our politicians think before they talk.”

@ItsTosin wrote, “Speaking trash. Go and sit. You’re not winning the 2023 Presidential Election… You will never become…Nigeria President.”

Architect Sunday wrote, “Can @AsiwajuTinubu drive alone to Abuja without baby police, DSS escort? Let’s see how much bounty will be placed on him when they kidnap him.”

Onku Sola wrote, “Whether Buhari makes the country safe or not, Buhari has nothing to lose but I know you (Tinubu) are just protecting your presidential ambition.”

Itiade J. Akinbi wrote, “Tinubu should know he has lost his voice, (in real sense Jagaban did not have voice). His words mean nothing. Buhari has failed beyond words. Life means nothing to this old man. Every reasonable government would put all his resources to ensure its people are safe.”

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