Nigeria’s Change From Bad to Worse


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The National Chairman of the Action Democratic Party, Yabagi Sani while speaking during a forum, expressed his disappointment in the state of Nigeria at the moment, he also claimed that the only change Nigerians have seen so far is from bad to worse.

Sani was a guest on Channels’ television’s political forum and here he noted that Nigeria has not progressed but rather has retrogressed under Buhari

“If we talk about change (in Nigeria), yes there is a change, I think from bad to worse. Because every indices we want to look at it, we have retrogressed in such a manner that you will not believe that it is the same Nigeria we had three years ago,” he said.

Sani also pointed at the current crisis rocking the APC especially the recent congress which was termed a failure, and Sani said that this was a mockery of Nigeria’s democracy.

“This is a government that lacks capacity, they lack credibility and organisation. Under the PDP, people were engaged. Even though that government had it own shortcoming in terms of managing corruption, that was the shortcoming of that government but not as bad as we have in the case today.” he said.

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