Inaccessible Access Bank: NYSC Members Drag Bank Over Delayed Payment

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The monthly allowance of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members has been increased from N19,800 to N33,000 and some corps members have begun receiving bank alerts of the allowance popularly called allawee. However, Access bank users are having a hard time accessing their allawee as the bank is experiencing some technical issues.

NYSC Access bank users have since gone on the streets of Twitter to call out the bank over poor services

Read some reactions culled from the popular social app

You bank with Access Bank but you don’t have access to your 33k..
Don’t you know the two ‘S’ in acceSS represents Slow and Snail?

When would my own 33k allawee enter like this , Father don’t let this cup pass me by . Access bank🙄 😓

Ha!!! Just this morning alone, I have refreshed my access bank mobile app like 100 times…. I never see anything o… abeg #NYSC just pay me my 19,800 first, you can balance up the rest later biko
When all your friends have seen 33k but you are still fasting and waiting on God because you use access bank😢#NYSC

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Dear CORPERS, Except for Access Bank users, others should have seen the alert. Please, take ₦4700 from the money to buy JAMB FORM for a random person where you are serving.
I’ve neva considered access a bank . just that they were the only ones available in camp during registration , it was subsequently others banks came through… very useless bank
They were always the last to pay even Since as far as 2008 when I was serving in Sokoto and the bank was called Intercontinental. I guess they are just like Leopard lol

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