Youth Unemployment: Obasanjo sounds Dire Warning To African Leaders


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Former president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has a piece of advice for African leaders over the issue of youth unemployment.

He made this known while hosting newly appointed president of ECOWAS Commission, Marcel Alain de Souza, at his home in Ogun state.

Obasanjo was of the opinion that if the issue of unemployment is not addressed it would lead to wide spread violence.

President Obasanjo said, “On the issue of unemployment, particularly youth unemployment, I have maintained that all of us in West Africa, in our different countries and indeed in Africa, we are sitting on a keg of gun powder for as long as we do not pay adequate attention to youth unemployment.
“A situation where more than 50% of our youths are unemployed is extremely dangerous. We now have a situation in part of West Africa where people now are dying of starvation.
“Is it that we are not producing enough food or if we are producing what we produced evenly, whatever it is it is shameful, it has led us to be begging international community for supply of food to any part of West Africa, it is not right‎?”


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