President’s Son Withdrew N1.8bn From ATMs, Sent N683m To “Various Women”

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Reports have emerged on how Hunter Biden, the son of the President of U.S, withdrew a sum of N1.8 billion from various ATMs.

The Herald understands that the funds, originally designated for various expenses, raised eyebrows as N683 million was reportedly spent on payments to “various women” and an additional N188.96 million on “adult entertainment.”

This financial saga extends to 2018 when Hunter Biden faced financial troubles, unable to make alimony payments.

He informed his ex-wife that the wire transfer had bounced due to insufficient funds, citing pressing financial obligations such as tuitions, alimony, taxes, and rent.

Notably, during that tumultuous year, he reportedly spent N384 million on what he described as “hookers.”

The extravagant spending raises concerns about financial responsibility and ethical considerations, particularly given Hunter Biden’s prominent familial position.

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