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Scorned lover disrupts wedding ceremony in Edo

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A bride reportedly lost consciousness last weekend after another lady stormed into her wedding venue to disrupt the proceedings.

According to reports, the wedding program was being anchored by a pastor at the International Pentecostal Holiness Church when a woman marched to the front of the auditorium, snatched the microphone from the clergyman, and demanded that the ceremony was halted.

She explained that the groom had dumped her and she only knew he was getting married through a Facebook post.

After confirming that the wedding was indeed between Dele and Blessing – the groom and bride, the scorned lover proceeded to the venue along with some men around 6 am on the wedding day and hung around until 12 pm when the event kicked off properly.

Scorned lover disrupts wedding ceremony in Edo

PM News reported that as soon as the pastor made the popular statement about who had reasons as to why the couples should not be joined,  the woman stood up and rushed to the altar, saying “no! no! this wedding will not hold.”

She reportedly revealed that Dele had initially promised to marry her in 2017, after being in a relationship with him for seven years, and the fact that she made a covenant with him at his church’s altar.

“He (Dele) no longer picked my calls. He abandoned me. Why? What did I do to you?”

Blessing, the wife to be, subsequently burst into tears as a result of the lady’s statements.

A church member also mentioned that the groom was still with the scorned lady to celebrate her birthday some weeks back.

The church member said, “Dele attended her birthday a few weeks ago. It will surprise you to know that Dele was still going to see that girl at home. Why will you do such a thing when your wedding is around the corner?”

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