Simple and cheap date ideas for nerdy guys

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Nerds and geeks are an interesting yet sometimes misunderstood crowd. They are passionate and overly intellectual about certain topics that may not always ring a bell for most people. But like every other human being, nerds, regardless of their sexual orientation, are on the constant lookout for a special person, whether it be someone to keep them company like a fling or a lifelong partner to geek out with for the rest of their lives.

So, what’s the usual dating plan for nerd men seeking men to date? Read on to discover how this quirky bunch ends up finding the love of their lives in fun and geeky ways.

  1. Nerdy Ways to Find a Partner

If you’re a proud gay nerd yourself, the first step on your dating journey is to figure out the best methods to bump into your fellow nerds. One important thing to know about nerd guys is that they spend approximately 90% of their time on the internet. This is where they can easily access everything they love – comic books, TV shows, and video games.

      a) Online Dating Sites

Since nerd guys spend most of their time online anyway, they can take some hours out of their gaming sessions to visit online dating sites and try their luck at finding partners. It works especially well for LGBTQ+ representatives in the nerd community since gay nerds tend to be even more introverted. They always strive to find gay nerd dating sites that work best for them because they are used to meeting like-minded people online rather than in person. Dating on the internet allows for a smoother way of starting a conversation and avoiding awkward silences. Plus, most gay dating websites have features for matching with people of the same interests and lifestyles, meaning meeting a similar-minded gay nerd to date won’t be a problem. 

       b) Online Games

Online gaming has become mainstream thanks to streamers and Youtubers who have made this form of entertainment enjoyable for more people. People of all ages nowadays spend hours (even days!) sitting in front of a bright screen and stimulating their minds with their favorite video games.

If you’re a bit old school, you may be into classic MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role-playing games like Minecraft or World of Warcraft. Role-playing games are indisputably the best types of games to meet new people and start actual friendships and connections. You will be immersed in a fantasy world and talk to other players in-game. Most MMORPG have an open-world feature where you are allowed to freely explore the game and take your time interacting with other players.

Some nerd guys enjoy meeting people through survival or tactical shooting games like Call of Duty or Valorant. These games require you to win with a time limit and will definitely get your adrenaline rushing. A cool thing about these online games is an in-game mic feature where you can talk to your teammates in real-time. Who knows? You might meet your gay soulmate while getting that “clutch.”

        c) Dedicated Forums

Nerds shouldn’t be misunderstood about their social lives. They may usually be quiet in person, but they can talk for hours on the internet about something that they love. Reddit, also known as “the front page of the internet,” is probably the most popular place among gay nerds for discussions online. It has a “subreddit” feature where you can go to specific forums about your nerdy interests, post, comment, and share information.

  1. Peculiarities of Dating a Nerd

Before you jump into their world to understand their lifestyle better, there are some things to know about dating gay nerds. Their fixation on alternative passions and hobbies might make it a little difficult for them to find someone who shares their likes and dislikes. This results in their dating life becoming more challenging than flirting like any other average Joe. Their love for games, animation, science fiction, and other unique interests is a huge part of their lives. The goal of every nerd is to find someone who is equally happy in enjoying these types of entertainment.

On top of that, they tend to be socially awkward and introverted, so dating a gay geek requires a lot of patience. You must understand that their nerdy side is a permanent part of their lives. And if you plan to stay in their lives for a long time, then you should at least take some interest or encourage them to pursue what they love.

  1. Date Ideas on a Budget for Gay Geeks

Try one of your favorite board games with your partner. Board games are a refreshing way of having fun! You’ll be able to take some time off the internet and spend meaningful moments with your gay nerd partner.

Browse books and comics at a local bookstore. Take your guy on a date to the bookstore! Not only will it be romantic, but you can recommend your personal picks and get to know your partner further.

Set a jam session if you play any instruments. It doesn’t matter if you go take guitar lessons together or simply jam at home; playing some music with your favorite person is a great way to spend time together and may even lead to getting intimate.

Marathon a TV show in a day. Yes, you can spend all day in bed snuggling with your lover while enjoying your favorite TV show. (Netflix and chill, anyone?)

Attend a convention together. Comic-Con (comic book lovers), VidCon(gamers), and Otakon(anime fans) are some of the most popular conventions for geeks. Spend a day or two at a local convention, make friends, and even meet some of your favorite creators and celebrities!

Beat a video game with your Player 2. Gamers can be highly competitive. You can beat a video game together in a few hours or go against each other and see who can beat who. The winner gets a sexy prize!

Dating a gay nerd isn’t hard if you do your best to blend into his life, understand him better, and support his passions.

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