Sniper Responsible for Alex Badeh’s Death, Major Cover Up Involved- Report


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A former CDS, Alex Badeh was killed on the 18th of December by unknown Gunmen and while it has been reported that it was the work of hoodlums, a former associate believes firmly that it was the work of an expert sharpshooter.

According to the Punch, a former associate of the late CDS said that the public is being lied to and that there was no way that Badeh was just robbed by some hoodlums.

This is following a viral video in which one of the alleged suspects of the murder confessed that they killed the serviceman over money during a robbery.

But the former associate who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that the crime scene investigation and bullet trajectory tells a different story– a story in which the ex-serviceman was taken out by the bullet of a professional.

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According to the Punch, the associate also said that the report that claimed that Badeh was in possession of N2m to buy land was also false as the ex-CDS was broke.

“As an intimate friend of the late CDS, I can tell you categorically that Badeh had no such money. He was very broke and could not pay his domestic staff and power bills. At a time, I volunteered to raise N50,000 to enable him to settle part of the bills, but he declined, saying he would harvest some crops on his farm and sell them to raise money.” he said

“That was why he went to the farm to harvest the crops but he was ambushed and killed.

“He was very broke because all his accounts had been frozen by the court and his pension stopped. So, how could a man who could not pay his bills pay N2m  for a farmland as claimed by the police investigation? That is stretching the lies too far.”

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