Social media making normal girls set unrealistic dating standards – Lady laments

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A female product designer says social media is making “normal girls” set unrealistic dating standards.

The Herald notes that social media platforms have become a stage where individuals meticulously construct their virtual identities.

The pressure to present a flawless version of oneself is immense, leading to an environment where only the highlights, filtered through rose-tinted lenses, are showcased.

This can inadvertently create a distorted perception of reality, especially when it comes to dating and relationships.

As young ladies scroll through meticulously curated feeds, they are bombarded with images of seemingly perfect relationships, luxurious date nights, and impossibly beautiful partners.

These carefully selected snapshots can set a standard that is impossible for real-life relationships to meet.

This ‘perfection paradox’ leaves many feeling unsatisfied with their own dating experiences, perpetuating a cycle of unmet expectations.

Taking to her X page on Friday, @LindseyCreated said that because of social media pressure, these ladies expect men with legal jobs to do things scammers and drug dealers do to impress them.

“And don’t get me started on the TikTok girlies telling you to go to a nice restaurant and break your neck staring down a man to get him to pay for your meal,” she stated.

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