Sony Finally Stops PS2 Production

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One of the longest-lasting and highest-selling game consoles of all time is finally preparing for retirement. Sony has stopped shipping the PlayStation 2 in Japan, leaving only the current stock on shelves left to sell before the hardware is unavailable at retail.

A report on CNET cited an article on Japanese blog site Famitsu indicating Sony has discontinued making the PlayStation 2 hardware in Japan.

“But the blog also noted that the company plans to continue developing and selling games for the video game console,” CNET said, citing Famitsu.

CNET said Sony’s PlayStation 2 debuted in 2000 and won fans with its 3D gaming and built-in DVD player.

It earned the distinction as the most popular video game console of all time.

Meanwhile, the CNET article also noted the PS2 has a huge library of more than 10,000 games, and remains popular in many countries.

It said the PS2 can still make a killing in countries like Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

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