South Korean president rejects accusations amid impeachment push

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There is no legal foundation for the removal of South Korean President Park Geun Hye from power, her lawyers said in a 24-page statement released on Friday.

“As there is no evidence for legal offences cited in the impeachment motion, we believe that they cannot be the grounds for impeachment,” one of the lawyers said.

The document was handed over to the court looking into the case.

Report says South Korea’s parliament voted by a large majority recently to impeach Park in relation to a corruption scandal involving a longtime confidante of hers.

Park is accused of giving her friend Choi Soon Sil too much access to the business of government, in spite of the fact that Choi held no official office.

Choi is also accused of gaining financially from her friendship with Park, who has repeatedly apologised for the scandal that has arisen.

However, she has rejected accusations that there was anything illegal or criminal about the relationship.

The constitutional court has six months to decide whether to implement parliament’s impeachment vote and remove Park from office.

Until a decision has been reached, the duties of the president have been suspended.

Park’s term in office is due to end in February 2018. (dpa/NAN)

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