Television Hostess Weeps as She Apologises to Husband She Disgraced on Live TV

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A Nigerian television hostess wept on live TV in Friday as she apologized for insinuating on live television that her husband would likely molest her daughter should he be left to bather her.

Mrs. Morayo Afolabi-Brown of Television Continental, Lagos, wept while apologising to her husband, over a comment, she had made on her show, revealing that while she trusts her husband, she wouldn’t let him bathe young their daughter.

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During her show which was discussing the rising cases of child sexual abuse in the country, she had said;

“I absolutely trust my husband but I won’t take chances and have him bathe my daughter, because whether we like it or not, there is something flying in the air these days that is encouraging imbalance and immoralities.”

She then added;

“I actually trust my husband but I’m just being careful because people that have experienced this kind of situation also trusted their husbands and yet, it happened.”

While tendering her apology to her husband as her show was being aired on Friday, the hostess said;

“The last 24 hours have been tougher than I expected my sincere apologies to my husband for the backlash. I love, trust and respect you! It was an error and I’m really sorry! It was not my intention. I love, trust and respect you. It was a slip.

I have learnt my lessons. You do not deserve all the horrible things people have said about you. I’m doing this on TV and I would do it again.”

She went further than live Television and tweeted on the Twitter handle of Television Continental, on whose channel her show airs;

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“The last 24 hours have been tougher than I expected, my sincere apologies to my husband, I love, trust and respect you! It was an error and I’m really sorry!”


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