10 Trending Fashion Accessories This Year


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2020 has definitely been the year with mixed reactions. We’ve faced the most undiluted horrors in history, pure unadulterated terrors – yet, I guess we can all agree to the fact that this did not stop the fashion killers from doing their thing, even during protests!

After all, “Suffering is temporal and Drip is eternal”. #WhoNoDripGoDrown

Fashion, as we would have it, is very dynamic. Trends come and go as the seasons’ change.

Upon entering any new year, a new wave of fashion trends blows in while the former becomes ‘stale’ or ‘casted’. You start to hear things like, “Dude, nobody does that anymore!”

This year was not any different (even with the pandemic/lockdown). From the gold Cuban link chains to the 90s shoulder bags. Our ‘Alte’ Kings and Queens did not spare us.

People stepped out in crazy aesthetics. Our ladies were killing it in their thigh-high slit satin dresses.  Everyone definitely slayed in their own little way; even if it were only a hair bonnet you wore (We see you, sis!).

Sure, a lot of accessories have found their way into the list of 2020 worldwide trends but let’s take a quick look at a few that were eye-catching.

Here are 10 fashion accessories that trended this year and now live in our heads rent-free.

  • Mules
Not him, obviously!

Don’t tell me you’re over there thinking about a donkey/horse crossbreed – not that kind of mule, please, have some regard.  I’m talking Rich-Auntie-Vibes kind of mules. The type to make you stop and stare because damn!! Our ladies went all out with the different types and colours. We can all testify to seeing those beneath the feet of several beautiful queens this year.


  • Cuban Link Chains

The real ‘bling-bling’. Of course, you copped one of these this year. The Cuban link chain immediately takes you from ‘who be this guy?’ to ‘Its lit!’. As simple as they may look, the Cuban link is the real definition of Icy like 1017.

Cuban link chainCuban link chainCuban link chain

  • 90s Shoulder Bags

Whew, them ladies were headed to the candy shop with this one. Bringing back 90s fashion and making it a worldwide trend with the snap of Thanos’ fingers – respect women! The shoulders bags sure had men collecting phone numbers on a roll. I wonder why you’ve not bought one, yes you.

90S bag90s shoulder bag90s shoulder bag

  • Bucket hats

We’ve always had love for bucket hats, so much love – but this year was different. I can bet some of us even wore it to bed (haha, just kidding). But for real, with every turn, you could see somebody wearing a bucket hat. Got some of us thinking it’s a good luck hat or something.

Buckets hatsBucket hatsBucket hats

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  • Rectangular Sunglasses

We all wanted that ‘something different’ look because why not.  Even when there was no sun, we still found ourselves putting these on. Wearing them just naturally turned us into boss bitches /bad guys. Absolutely stunning!


  • Mini bags

Mini Mini Mannie Moe! If you don’t have a mini bag, you know where to go! The mini bag was a key focus this year, whether in the style of a top-handle box bag or a tiny wallet bag. The Chic attitude of our ladies skyrocketed to level 1000 whenever they held these bags.

Mini bagMini bagMini bags


  • Bold rings

These rings got our men feeling like they finally secured the infinity stones. Their Hi’s were accompanied with a vigorous display of fingers – Like dude, chill out, we see your hands, we see the diamonds. The rings are real dope though.


  • Vintage scarves

You could never go wrong with vintage fashion. People styled the scarves in various exquisite manners. Our pretty boys and girls took no chances with this trend. You could see so many ‘Asap rocky and Rihannas’ as you walked down the streets. Oh boy!

ScarfScarfvintage scarf

  • Waist purses

One very simple, easy-to-wear accessory. The waist purses come in different textures and designs. Each one to suit any personality/mood/occasion. Waist purses are definitely a go-to accessory.

Waist pursesWaist purseWaist purse

  • Face Masks

#Coronavirusbutmakeitfashion. Of course, you weren’t thinking I was going to leave out the legendary face mask! The virus brought out a fashion trend we never thought we could manage. Many of us had matching face masks for every outfit we wore. Designer brands went all out with the extra features and designs. Phew, 2020 is definitely a year to remember.


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