Twitter users react as police arrest Andrew Tate


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Andrew Tate, an ex-kickboxer, and his brother Tristan have been arrested for allegedly kidnapping two girls in Romania.

Tate, 36, who rose to prominence this year for his sexist and misogynistic views, was filmed being led from his luxury villa by police after a raid on Thursday.

The British citizen, who was born in Washington DC but raised in Luton, is being investigated by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), with reports in Romania claiming he and his brother are being questioned on suspicion of forming an organized crime group that used girls in adult videos.

In April, police reportedly found two girls who claimed they were being held against their will and questioned the siblings.

The brothers were released while the investigation was ongoing, but they were detained again today, reportedly in connection with a human trafficking and rape investigation.

He was this week involved in a spat with climate activist Greta Thunberg with Tate boasting of his supercar collection and asking for Thunberg’s email address to “send a complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions”.

Thunberg responded with a tweet that has since become one of the most popular in history, saying: “Yes, please educate me. Please contact me at smalldi***[email protected]

Twitter reactions

George Takei tweeted “Greta Thunberg taking down Andrew Tate was almost as good as Andrew Tate taking himself down in that pathetic clapback attempt…which apparently revealed he was in the country, leading to his arrest by Romanian authorities for human trafficking. What a story.”

He also tweeted “So…Elon Musk let Andrew Tate back on Twitter, and Tate promptly used it to reveal his whereabouts to authorities in Romania who then arrested him. All because Greta Thunberg owned him so hard his little wee-wee fell off. Do I have that right? Please say I have that right.”


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