Ukraine evacuation: Nigerian govt officials accused of $5.5m embezzlement


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The ongoing efforts by the Federal Government of Nigeria to evacuate Nigerians from war-torn Ukraine is steeped in corruption, an analyst has explained.

The Twitter analyst, who tweets through @RealOlaudah, made the assertion in a Twitter thread on Friday.

He said that the $8.5 million President Muhammadu Buhari ordered to be released for the evacuation was way higher than the actual amount needed for the effort.

“Do the government think we are all fools. President Muhammadu Buhari approves $8.5 million to evacuate 5,000 Nigerians from Ukraine.

“They may be evacuated from neighboring countries such as Romania (capital city of Bucharest), Hungary (Capital city of Budapest) or Poland (capital city of Warsaw).

“The highest estimate of Nigerians in Ukraine is 4,000 ( who keeps the money of the extra 1,000 persons?)

“Some persons have returned to Nigeria on their personal expenses. Others are staying back in Hungary, Poland and Romania waiting for situation to normalize. Some of the non-students are moving on to Austria and Germany and may not return. The budget for 5,000 is inexplicable.

“At $8.5m for 5,000 persons, it means that the average cost of flight is $1,700 per passenger.

“Qatar Airways’ round trip from Bucharest to Lagos is $688. Turkish Air, round trip from Budapest to Lagos is $637. 7. KLM round trip from Warsaw to Lagos is $680.

“Let us assume blindly that with miscellaneous expenses, a flight will cost an average of $750.

“Let us also assume, even more blindly, that 4,000 compatriots will be evacuated. 4,000 X $750 = $3million. $8.5m – $3m = $5.5m. This explains why Nigeria is referred to as the poverty capital of the world.”

“Conclusion: The tension is less because many are already in safe countries. Now, why is the cost of every project in Nigeria heavily inflated? Why is every pain always turned into private gains for a few? Will the differences be returned or pocketed?” he queried.

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