Update: Twitter Not Shifting To Algorithmic Timeline


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  • It had //www.herald.ng/twitter-might-introduce-algorithmic-timeline-next-week/”>been rumored that Twitter would be shifting their model away from the strict, chronological timeline model that has been its hallmark since its inception, and to an algorithm-based model that would filter out what users would see, much like how Facebook has approached their Timeline feature.
  • The internet hadn’t been happy, and took to the hashtag #RIPTwitter to voice
  • their disapproval.
  • After it was reported, #RIPTwitter became the No. 1 trending hashtag on the website, showing just how upset some of the most loyal users are.
  • In response, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey took to Twitter to note that the company isn’t planning on reordering timelines next week as has been reported.

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