VIDEO: Gillette’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad Divides Internet


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Gillette have been around for decades, introduced to the public in 1901, it has been the go-to razor for men of all ages for years and years.

The company, however, has now found itself in the middle of a heated debate due to the release of their new ad which tackled the concept of toxic masculinity.

The topics of equality of gender, mental health and toxic masculinity, have been tabled in recent months and the Razor company threw their weight into the argument in a big way.

The ad featured a slight variation of their popular tagline ‘The best a man can get’ and instead went with the line, ‘Is this the Best a man can get?’

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The ad featured men trying to disabuse themselves and their friends from things that had once been considered simply ‘manly’ from bullying to cat calling to sexual harassment. The ad seemed to be a call to arms for men everywhere to do better and be better role models for the new generations of boys and men coming into the world.

“We believe in the best in men. To say the right thing, to act the right way. Some already are. But some is not enough. Because the boys watching today will be the men of tomorrow,” said the narrator in the short video.

The Gillette ad has gotten a lot of reactions online since its release with many applauding it and congratulating the company of picking a side and standing up for what is right.

On the other hand, the ad was also heavily criticised as another example of man hating and trying to look pious in the eyes of the public over a delicate topic in a bid to make more money.

They were accused of attacking their own customer base who are predominantly men.

You can check out the video below


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