VIDEO: Homeless Nigerian Man Tasered by Police In Manchester

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Video footage has surfaced which shows a Nigerian man getting tasered by the Police while in a Library in Manchester.

The man, Clifford Etadafimue, 21, was found to be a victim of trafficking as he was lured to the United States on the pretences of playing Basketball, but instead found himself homeless and in trouble with the law.

The 7-foot-2 man was asked to leave the Manchester Public Library which he refused to do after which the police were called. The police also asked him to leave, but he refused which prompted the tasering.

According to the, Etadafimue was arrested on charges of public mischief by officer Nicholas Markarian.

“Clifford refused to stand and enter the rear of the van. After several minutes and multiple orders for Clifford to enter the van, myself and other officers picked Clifford up and assisted him into the rear of the van,” Markarian said.

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This wasn’t the Nigerian man’s first tangle with the law as he has been arrested multiple times on misdemeanour offences such as criminal trespass and so on.

On several occasions, he has claimed that it is the cold and his homelessness that has led him to commit these crimes.

Etadafimue has been identified as one of 75 teenagers and young adults brought from various parts of the world including Nigeria to play Basketball.

The person responsible for bringing them, former Charlotte, N.C., police officer Evelyn Mack, has been charged with  conspiracy to harbor aliens and has pled guilty to the charges.

The Nigerian man is to face mental competency hearings in February and April to determine if he is mentally stable.

You can watch the video in which he was arrested below.


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