China to Step up Collaboration with Countries, WHO Toward Tackling Coronavirus


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The People’s Republic of China says it is ready to step up collaboration with other countries and the World Health Organisation (WHO) toward tackling the spread of the coronavirus.

It said that it was ready to deploy a team of experts to Italy to assist the European country in its time of need as well as provide other countries in need with the relevant manpower.

According to the text of a news conference by Geng Shuang, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, a total of 61,475 people have so far been cured of the disease in China with the latest batch of 1,578 people discharged from hospitals on Tuesday.

Shuang advised all affected countries to step up communication and collaboration in fighting the epidemic, according to the text of the briefing obtained from the website of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria.

“It is all the more important and urgent for all countries to step up communication and cooperation in jointly fighting the epidemic and safeguarding regional and international public health security.

“While combating COVID-19 at home, China is ready to contribute to the global response.

“First, we will step up communication and coordination with the WHO and the international community.

“Exchange of information is an important part of a joint global response.

“After the virus outbreak, China shared its genetic sequence with WHO at the earliest time possible and notified other countries in a timely manner.

“With openness, transparency and a high sense of responsibility for global public health security and people’s well-being, we will continue information-sharing with the international community including the WHO.

“We will also strive to enhance coordination and cooperation to advance joint response at regional and global levels to stem the spread of the virus,” he said.

The spokesperson hinted that China had so far published, in various foreign languages, seven guidelines on COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment as well as six guidelines on prevention and control.

He added that China was in constant communication of its work against the virus with the European Union, ASEAN, African Union, Caribbean Community, Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, South Pacific island countries, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and Georgia among others.

“We will provide medicines and other supplies to the international community. Humanity shines through the dark cloud of the epidemic.

“China has decided to donate $20 million to the WHO. We’ve provided some countries with masks, medicines, protective suits, and other supplies and exported medical supplies and equipment to those in urgent need of them.

“Sub-national governments and civil organisations are all extending a helping hand overseas.

“While fighting hard against the epidemic at home, China is ready to offer as much help as we can to countries in need.

“We would like to collaborate with other countries in medicine, vaccines, and testing reagents, contributing China’s wisdom and proposals to securing an early global victory over the virus,” he said.

He warned that the question as to where the first case of the virus was recorded was not necessarily an issue that would help in the global fight against the virus and as such should be disregarded.

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