Beyonce and Jay-Z Among Celebs Whose Phone Numbers, Financial Details Hacked and Posted Online (Details)


Beyonce and Jay Z along with a series of other public figures become victims of hackers. Their financial details along with other sensitive information including addresses, social security number, phone numbers, credit cards and bank accounts were revealed online.

The other victims are Kim KardashianParis HiltonMel GibsonAshton KutcherBritney Spears, and Donald Trump. Joining them are LAPD chief Charlie Beck, Vice President Joe Biden, FBI Director Robert Mueller, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The information was posted on which stayed up Monday night and had more than 15,000 visitors back then. The dark main page was titled “The Secret Files” with a picture of a young girl with zombie makeup shushing visitors. “Dexter” theme song was played on the background.

“If you believe that God makes miracles, you have to wonder if Satan has a few up his sleeve,” the site greeted its visitors. The hackers failed to expose a great deal of information about Biden and Clinton, but they managed to expose a lot of details about the other victims.

FBI is currently investigating the case. “We’re aware of the website,” LAPD Capt. Andy Smith told “Obviously we take these things seriously. Our threat management unit takes a look at any of those things. Naturally we don’t discuss any of the intimate details of how we go about those investigations or what we do to protect our personnel but we take all incidents like this very seriously.”

The hacking was first reported by TMZ. None of the victimized public figures have commented on the matter.


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