Bug in Google Chrome update deletes data from Android Phones


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A new Google Chrome update is out which brings up the version number to 79 but while the updates come with more features and some under the hood improvements, users have noticed a bug that deletes data on Android phones.

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Thankfully Google Chrome team have noticed the bug and have stopped rolling out the update albeit about half of the Chrome users already got the update. The team is currently working on a suitable fix.

As Android Police reports, the issue involves WebView, which is the component that renders webpages in other apps, such as Facebook and Twitter. These apps don’t have their own browsers, so they use Chrome to do the job for them.

A comment on the Chromium website explains that one of the changes made to Chrome 79 is the relocation of some web data but not all data successfully migrated which is what caused the data loss.

For apps like the Twitter which is essentially a web app, a problem of this nature would have constituted a huge nuisance.

As a solution, Google is considering two options; one option is to continue with the migration amid the data losses and a second is to reverse the migration and put the data back in their original location.

It’s unclear which side of the pendulum the search giant will halt but we hope they rectify the problem within the next few days.

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