Busted: Two Thieves Arrested After Victim Nabs them In Beer Parlour

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Officers of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) have arrested two armed robbers at Cele bus stop after being identified at a drinking joint by their victim.

The duo identified as, Emmanuel Anyanwu, 39, an ex-convict and Kennedy Ujagbor, 42, a drug addict, accosted Sammy Bolaji on his way to Ogun state, collecting all he had on him.

“They asked me if I knew a particular address and I told them that I was a stranger in that area, As I made to leave them, one of them grabbed my bag from behind and took to his heels. The second one followed suit. I ran after them but I guess they knew the route more than I do, so they escaped before people around could even come to term with what was going on…. Sadly for me, in that bag were a sum of N7,500, two mobile phones, clothes and other personal effects. I had to discontinue the journey because all I had on me were gone.

“The following day, my mum chose to drive me through this same spot where my bag was snatched. Luckily for me, I saw them sipping alcohol early in the morning very close to the spot. I alighted not telling my mom what I had seen, at least to confirm first…. As things would work my way, I saw RRS’s patrol vehicle passing by and I waved them down, narrated all that happened yesterday and they followed me to where these guy were sitting. “They were shocked to see me with the police. They interrogated them and arrested them after confirming the incident. They promised the officers that they would retrieve my bag for me in Ketu, where they sold it to,” he stated.

The robbers confessed to being swindlers and attested to snatching Bolaji’s bag. They also confessed to defrauding people by convincing them that the duo are foreigners with a large consignment of mobile phones, looking for interested marketers. In the process, they would collect money, jewelries and other valuables as a sign of seriousness from the would-be marketers.

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