Get Back on Your Feet and Combat Stress with These Quick Life Tips


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Most often than never, we are overwhelmed with the stress of trying to maintain the balance between work, family, lifestyle and several other things. We feel entirely consumed by the responsibilities placed on our shoulders and this is completely normal because our brain and our body needs rest. There is only so much the human body can handle at each moment.

When a person is overcome with the effects of stress, it is very important that the individual takes a step back and gives the body the rest it deserves. Harboring so many tasks and not taking a break will eventually lead to a breakdown; both mentally and physically, which can also lead to various health issues and even death. A lot of people have died as a result of factors that were entirely backed up by stress.

Now, it is understood that our schedule and lifestyle might not be able to allow us the time to take breaks but we have to take it upon ourselves to create the time.

Taking a break doesn’t necessarily mean going on holiday vacations or staying away from work and avoiding responsibilities at home. In fact, on the contrary, it is indeed the little steps we take that goes a long way.

Put together below are a few things we can do to heal from stress, refresh and get back on our feet again.

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  • Take a bath: Taking a bath (whether cold or hot, depending on your mood and the weather) will go a long way in calming your nerves. Water has refreshing properties and they actively work in easing tension and stress. Therefore, relax and take a bath.
  • Talk walks: Always make a habit of taking walks, preferably in the evening time (because the air is cool), especially if you’ve been sitting all day. You can use the opportunity to clear your head and think clearly, so it is advisable to walk alone (That is if it is safe. If not, go with company). If you’re unable to take a walk, you can stay on the balcony or sit out and take deep breaths. Close your eyes and absorb the night air.
  • Pray and meditate: Whatever your religion, it is always good to take time to connect with your God and reaffirm your faith. Say prayers and read holy scriptures. Useful insight and lessons from relatable life experiences are gotten from holy scriptures and they are effective in giving peace of mind and reliving stress tensions.
  • Watch movies: Watching movies, especially comedy genres, are great relief mechanisms. Laughter, they say, is the best medicine.
  • Leave work at work: Once you close for the day and you are back at home, take your mind off work and focus on the home. Spend time with family and other house mates. Gist and share experiences. Also note that it is important you do not take up more work/responsibilities than you can handle, else the breakdown that will follow will be disastrous.
  • Take a soft drink: CO2 present in drinks give them a refreshing taste. It is particularly activated when the drink is chilled.
  • Sleep: Getting enough sleep will help to refresh the brain and body thereby combating stress and resulting to better and proper functioning the next day. Taking a bath before going to bed is also advised.

No problem lasts forever eventually, take life easy!

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