Down With Arthritis? Avoid These 6 Foods

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Being down with arthritis is definitely not something you look forward to. There are different types of arthritis and it usually involves chronic inflammation of the joints, giving rise to severe pain and in the long run, destruction of the bones and joints etc.

But of course, you can’t help having it – the one thing you can do is improve your state. Studies have made it clear that certain diets are powerful enough to relieve or worsen the symptoms associated with this condition.

Cutting off some foods and beverages from your daily diet can significantly lower the severity of symptoms and boost better living conditions for you.

Here are 6 foods and beverages to avoid when dealing with arthritis.

  • Highly processed foods and red meat

Studies have linked inflammation, which worsens arthritis symptoms, to an excessive intake of processed foods and red meat. Mainly because they contain certain inflammatory markers such as IL-6, CRP and homocysteine. Extra processed foods like breakfast ceraels, baked goods high in preservatives, added sugar and refined grains, and fast food, may also increase symptoms in persons and affect overall health. Try taking plant-based foods instead.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol. Anybody down with inflammatory arthritis should totally avoid drinking alcohol. The substance make-up of alcohol gives off high inflammatory actions – causing pain and damage to the bones.

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  • Some vegetable oils

An imbalanced intake of high levels of omega-g fatty acids and low levels of omega-3 fatty acids can result into adverse conditions and worsen symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Reduce your intake pof vegetable oils high in omega-6 fats and increase your consumption of healthy fats that contain rich amounst of omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Added sugars

Excessive consumption of added sugar should be generally avoided, paticularly with the case of arthritis. We can find an abundance of added sugars in sweets, sodas, candies, ice cream, snacks, barbeque sauce, and several other desserts. Reducing your intake of all these things will earn you massive relief from severe symptoms.

  • Salty foods

Concentrated sodium intake is associated with incraesed risks of arthritis. Regularly eating salty foods may lead to cartilage and bone destruction while also increasing amount of inflammatory markers in the body. You’d sure need to cut back on that salty fries and shrimp you eat.

  • Foods that contain gluten

Gluten is protein group found in wheat, barley and rye. Research suggests that it could be linked to increased inflammation, thus, a gluten-free diet may ease the pains that come with arthritis symptoms. When meal shooping, check labels and make sure to buy gluten-free food products.

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