Google Is Shutting Down Poly 3D Content Platform


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Google Poly, which the company launched in 2017, will be closed forever next year. This was communicated to all poly users through an email.

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The website will officially shut down on June 30, 2021, but users won’t be able to upload models beginning on April 30, 2021.

Poly was introduced as a 3D creation tool optimized for virtual reality. It allows Users to easily create low-poly objects with in-VR tools.

The software was designed to serve as a lightweight way to create, view and distribute 3D assets that could in turn end up in games and experiences.

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Users that have uploaded objects to Poly will be able to download their data, models and entire library through, or “download individual assets by viewing each asset’s page” ahead of the shutdown.

Google has already discontinued most of the company’s AR/VR plays, including their Daydream mobile VR platform.

Visit the official Google Help Center article, for more information. 

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