Governors run Nigeria; President just one person in Abuja – Jonathan

John Ogunsemore
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Former President Goodluck Johnson says governors truly run Nigeria while the president is just one man in Abuja.

He said that the governors must therefore come together at a common forum to be able to resolve the numerous challenges affecting the country.

Jonathan spoke in Benin after a thanksgiving service organised to mark the 59th birthday anniversary of Pastor Charles Osazuwa, General Overseer of Rock of Ages Christian Assembly International (RACAI).

According to the former president, the state governors through their various platforms should discuss issues affecting Nigeria.

He decried the antagonism between the Southern Governors’ Forum and the Northern Governors’ Forum, following the inauguration of the former in Asaba on May 11.

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Jonathan said that the collaboration of all the governors in a roundtable would go a long way in helping President Muhamadu Buhari to address some of the current national challenges.

“Governors themselves should continue to meet, I don’t really love a situation where the northern governors will meet then the southern governors will cry foul.

“Then the southern governors will meet then the northern governors will cry foul, that will not help our country.

“The governors, through the governors’ fora should meet, they are the people who run this country, the president is just one person in Abuja,” the former president said.

He pointed out that the states, especially in a country where the local governments are very weak; it’s the states that people fall back to.

“So if the governors of the states meet to dialogue and interrogate things that are good for this country, then we will move forward.

“I don’t really enjoy the antagonism between governors, they should come together and discuss.

“If there are issues that are affecting one or two states, I think the governors should see how they can collectively come with a way to address those issues,’’ Jonathan said.

He also warned leaders and privileged Nigerians not to use their positions to oppress the people.

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