High School Launches the COVID-19 Global Youth Challenge


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MISSISSAUGA – The Erindale Academy is launching the Global Youth Challenge offering a $25,000 Scholarship plus numerous cash prizes. The goal of the Global Youth Challenge was created to inspire students around the world to reflect, think, and consider how the COVID19 pandemic has affected the world. The voice of today’s youth is needed now, more than ever. This competition is for youth ages 14-19 and it is free to join.

Writing and Speaking Contest consisting of A 300-500 word essay or visual artwork and a video. Each entry to the contest will consist of an essay or piece of visual art produced by a current school student, that looks at the effect of COVID-19 through the lens of a subject like mathematics, art, history, business, and science.

Judging will be conducted by representatives from the University of Waterloo, Queens University, Brock University and the State University of New York.

Also, we are pleased to announce Avi Schiffmann as one of our judges. Avi created a live coronavirus tracking website that has gotten over 500 million visitors so far. Avi will be speaking at the Harvard Medical School Summit in August and at the United Nations Institute of Training and Research in May. Here is a recent interview with Avi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXFm2u4EHrs

So far, we have registered several hundred high school students from all over the world including Canada, the United States, India, China, Vietnam, and Brazil. Here is a brief video from students in China and Vietnam who have sent video messages to us: https://youtu.be/qB9a5XQUWpg

Registration is free and students can register online at www.theglobalyouth.com

The Erindale Academy is a private high school located in Mississauga. James Rice is the Director of International Recruitment. He is available for an interview to discuss the contest further if interested.

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