Hunter Biden’s friends mocked “fagg*ts, d*kes” – Email reveals


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Hunter Biden’s friends mocked members of the LGBTQ community by calling them “fagg*ts and d*kes”, email exchanges have revealed.

The emails dating back to June 21, 2017, were unearthed by conservative media platform, The National Pulse from his hard drive back in June.

The exposé followed an earlier one by Daily Mail in which the US President’s son repeatedly called black people the n-word in text messages exchanged with his lawyer.

In one of the emails, one William Medford sent Hunter Biden an invite for a “beach weekend getaway” in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

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“At some point we may bear witness to f*gots holding hands and dikes bumping claims,” Medford wrote in the e-mail exchange with Hunter.

See screenshot of the email:

The email exchanges surfaced at the time conservatives accused the mainstream media in America of refusing to cover the controversy generated by Hunter Biden’s use of the n-word.


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