Let Buhari Suffer From His Critics – Niger Delta Group Warns Northern Youths


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The Niger Delta Security Watch Organization, NSWO, has slammed the move by Northern youths threatening not to condone further attacks on the President’s image.

The Niger Delta group in its reply to the “irrational position taken by by the Northern youths” reminded the youths of the previous administration under former president Goodluck Jonathan and how much of public criticism it suffered.

The group further urged the Northern youths to channel their strength into other productive aspects and allow the president, Muhammadu Buhari suffer his share of criticism from the public.

In a statement issued to the effect by the NSWO President, Dickson Bekederemo, the group said: “We strongly condemn the irrational position taken by Northern youths under the auspices of Northern Youth Leaders Assembly, who threatened not to tolerate any further attack on Buhari’s image because he has done so much to put the nation on the path of progress.

“From their utterances, it appears they have forgotten that President Buhari is the President of Nigeria and not the president of Northern Nigeria, and so cannot be free from criticism. May we remind them that when President Jonathan was on the seat of power, he was called all sorts of names, ranging from clueless, incompetent and drunken fisherman.

“The pace has been set. President Buhari’s case will also not be different, as Nigerians from all walks of life have the right to criticize him.”

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