Man commits Murder, twin Gets arrested and sent to Jail Instead

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A man shot two men and killed one in a Chicago gang shooting in 2003 but his twin brother was arrested instead.

Karl  Smith and Kevin Dugar are both twin brothers serving different sentences in separate  prisons.

The 38-year old prison inmates,  saw each other for the first time  in years when  Smith gave a confessional  statement copping to the crime he committed but for which his twin was arrested for instead.

According  to Smith he said “I am here to confess to a crime I committed  and he was wrongly accused”.

As at the  time  of the shooting in 2003, Karl Smith and Kevin  Dugar  both went by the same street name “twin”. They both acted as one and sometimes  pretended to be the other. They were usually identified by their names,  because  Smith was bearing his mother’s  maiden  name.

Smith is 5 foot 9, and weighs 195 pounds, while  Dugar  is 5 foot  9, and weighs 200 pounds according to the state inmate record.

Cook Country  prosecutors took a complete  view of Smith’s testimony  and his identical twin has been behind bars since 2007 during the arrest.

‘He has got nothing to lose” said Assistant  state and Attorney  Carol Royala,  noting that Smith’s testimony  did not correspond  with those of the eye witnesses  who testified in court.

A member  of the rival gang to Smith’s  and Dugar’s conservative  vice lords,  identified “Twin” as the gunman  who shot him three times  and killed another man at Sheridan road and Argyle street in march 2003.

Smith who described the shooting  in detail said he left a party he hosted at night to go buy marijuana,  and ran into a rival gang. He then fired those shots.

He also admitted to have evaded  investigators request  to question him then,  because  he wasn’t bold enough  to speak the truth  then but has found God while in prison and decided  to speak out.

The judge  is yet to decide  whether Dugar  will receive a new trial following the confessional  statement  released  by his brother.

Judy  Dugar,  the mother of the twins said it hurts to hear prosecutors did not accept Smith’s testimony.

She said “He wouldn’t  lie about that, I know Kevin will get out, I hope when he does he would change his whole life around”.


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