Mary Remmy Njoku Responds To Those Questioning Paternity of Mohbad’s Son, Liam

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Renowned Nollywood actress, Mary Remmy Njoku, has stepped up to counter those urging for a DNA test on the late singer Mohbad’s five-month-old son to ascertain his paternity.

Mary Remmy Njoku

In the wake of Mohbad’s passing on Tuesday, September 12, his long-time partner, Wunmi, disclosed that they were married and had a child before the artist’s demise. This revelation came as a surprise to many, as the singer had maintained a private life, keeping personal matters off the public domain until his untimely death.


Amid the controversy surrounding the cause of Mohbad’s death, some netizens, led by controversial social media commentator Very Dark Man, have called for a DNA test after the singer’s body is exhumed to determine the paternity of his son. Very Dark Man suggested the test as a means to confirm the innocence of Mohbad’s wife, as a suspect, and ensure she had no involvement in any harm to the singer.

In response, Mary Njoku took to her Instagram page to condemn those advocating for the DNA test, labeling their request as ‘evil’. She emphasized that the late singer’s wife is still mourning the loss of her husband, who was her provider and protector, and should be allowed to grieve in peace.

Mary, a mother of three, added that Mohbad never questioned the paternity of his son while he was alive, making it perplexing why people are raising doubts now.

In a poignant post, she said, “Asking a mourning widow to submit her son for a DNA test is pure evil… Let her mourn in peace! If her husband didn’t doubt the paternity of his child, who are we to think otherwise?

Mary Njoku appealed for empathy and urged everyone to focus on seeking justice for Mohbad, rather than adding distress to the family during this difficult time.

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