Finally, Nigerian Army To Reveal Sponsors Of Niger Delta Avengers


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The Nigerian army has revealed that it is closely watching the activities of the Niger Delta Avengers, vowing that the group will regret what they have done.

Brigadier General Rabe Abubakar, who is the spokesperson of the defence headquarters, said security forceshave information on the group and will soon publish names of its sponsors.

The spokesperson said those behind the group will soon meet their downfall.

“They are a group of frustrated individuals, working for some people who very soon everybody would come to know”, he said

“The Defence Headquarters is working with other security agencies and would not allow some clique, because there are no militants now, the militants have enjoyed amnesty and have been given special trainings.”

“We are synergizing with other security agencies, with community leaders and individuals to ensure that we extract information which would be useful to us. In a short time, they would regret what they have done.

“We are not hoping to deploy the use of hard power, unless it becomes extremely necessary.

“As I said not all of them are militants, even though we have all the information about them,” he added.





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