Top 7 Nigerian food blogs to visit right now


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Today, there are several Nigerian food blogs and among these food blogs, 7, in particular, stand out. They have amazing content you cannot afford to miss out on. If you’re looking for various food recipes and ways to prepare native Nigerian and even continental dishes, here’s a list of top-notch food blogs you should visit today.

Dooney’s kitchen

This particular food blog is ranked as one of the best in Nigeria. It offers a wide range of mind-blowing contents from how to cook various native Nigerian meals like the delicious Jollof rice using creative procedures to preparing intercontinental dishes. You can even learn to prepare new meals like “noodles and egusi soup”.


Afrolems is one blog I like because of the compiled downloadable e-books such that even after visiting the page you still have the recipes handy. This blog shows you how you can prepare several Nigerian, African, and continental dishes, and access is also given to discuss with food professionals and contact them for food deliveries.

Lohi’s creation

Lohi’s creation is a Nigerian food and photography blog. It prepares and captures mouth-watering food recipes that do well to appeal to the eyes and the stomach. The meals are arranged in the most exquisite manner and taken with super clear cameras. You should definitely visit this blog and feast your eyes.

Dobbys signature

This is one popular place for a food lover. This blog teaches you how to make a variety of pastries like “raised doughnuts with caramel filling” and food delicacies like “goat meat coconut rice”. Not forgetting that it advises us on the essentials needed during this period of isolation and lockdown.

9ja foodie blog

Well known in Nigeria, this blog reveals how to prepare native Nigerian meals like ofada stew with rice and it also tells you nutritious alternative ingredients that can be used in place of regular ones. For those trying to lose weight or stay healthy, this blog prepares a Nigerian food timetable/guideline that will help you achieve your body goals.

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All Nigerian recipes

“All Nigerian recipes” as the name implies, offers interesting step by step instructions on how to make various indigenous meals and snacks. The recipes are absolutely easy to read and to understand.

Nigerian lazy Chef

Contrary to the name, this food blog works hard to put together delicious food recipes for you. It also takes you on a roller coaster ride of various cuisine experiences all over the world.

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