Omah Lay explains how he battled with his mental health shortly after his fame

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Nigerian music sensation Omah Lay, born Stanley Omah Didia, recently opened up about the profound mental health challenges he faced in the wake of his sudden rise to fame. In a candid interview, the “Reason” singer disclosed the overwhelming pressure that accompanied his newfound popularity, leaving him grappling with stress and mental strain.

Omah Lay

The fast-paced trajectory to stardom brought with it the weight of societal expectations and the desire to meet the demands of adoring fans. Omah Lay acknowledged that this surge in expectations significantly impacted his mental well-being, forcing him to confront the challenges associated with fame.

Adapting to this newfound reality was a struggle, and Omah Lay admitted to a period of adjustment. However, he soon realized the importance of setting his own pace to protect both his mental health and artistic growth. Learning to navigate the industry at a speed comfortable to him has brought him a sense of peace and tranquility, profoundly influencing his approach to life and music.

Omah Lay

The talented artist emphasized that incorporating his vulnerabilities into his music allows him to share his genuine life experiences with the world.

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